Double chocolate!

15 februari 2017
15 februari 2017, Commentaar: 0

In 2015 we wanted a green wrap, because it is the colour of our association. Back then, we already had the idea to do something with chocolate for our next conferencewrap. We contacted Didymos, and asked to get some samples, they sent loads of them. Creme with pistache, brown with orange, Creme with light brown, darkbrown,.. Our final choice was a Lisca in the ultimate chocolate colours, two different shades of brown. Difficult to catch on photo, but as chocolate as you can get. We named it ‘Double Chocolate’.

If you want a nice wrap to remember our conference and your visit in Belgium, we recommend the Lisca Double Chocolate. (100 % cotton, 230 g/m²)

The first 20 orders will receive a nice bag together with their wrap, so be quick and order now!

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